Spectrum – Woo Themes

I’ve always been a fan of Woo themes. The themes are built on a great framework and Woo’s support has always been top notch in my experience. One of my favorite theme’s by them is Spectrum. It’s clean, modern, and very flexible if you want to customize it for your own site. You’ve probably seen the theme many times in different shapes and forms across the web. One customization I particularly like is done by this solar panel site.

Additionally, you can also take a look at CentralFire to see another example.


Pilcrow – Infinite Scrolling

The last theme I’m going to feature is called “Pilcrow”, and it can be found at Honey’s Quilling, a crafting blog. In my opinion, this is an excellent example of a theme with infinite scrolling. Infinite scrolling can be detrimental to a blog, especially when there is a lot happening on the page, but Pilcrow keeps it simple by relegating all of the content to the center of the page.


Fadtastic – Bold and Simple

Another great theme comes from The Food Allergy Mom, whose site, obviously, focuses on food allergies. It’s called “Fadtastic”, and it was designed by Andrew Faulkner. I like this theme for reasons similar to “Chunk”; it’s bold, simple, and asymmetrical. It also adds a bit of color to the template, though some may think this takes away from the simplicity of the design. Depending on the site, it may look too busy, especially if the user places a lot of pictures in his or her posts. Overall, however, it’s a great theme that can make any blog fun and interesting.



Another theme I love is used by So Let’s Chat, which is a site largely centered around the personal lives of hip-hop and R&B stars. The theme itself is called “Chunk”, and it was designed by Automattic. I’m a huge fan of this theme because of how striking it is. The font is bold and the layout is asymmetrical, so your eyes are focusing on all parts of the site, not just the middle. This theme is also great for people who want the Tumblr look and feel without having to get a Tumblr. All in all, it’s a great, edgy theme that succeeds in its minimalism.


Digg 3

The first theme I’m going to highlight is the Digg 3 theme by Small Potato, which can be found on sites such as Off The Base. Given the subject matter of Off The Base (Veterans and their struggles with PTSD), this theme is perfect. It’s simple, easy to navigate, and very uncomplicated visually. There are two clearly defined side-margins and a center column in which all of the content appears. In addition to the ease of navigation, the template also features a calendar in the right margin and an email subscription feature in the left margin.